Lunar Pine Studio Co is a solo person company producing and selling Home and Garden Décor

Beginning Stages: 

I am currently in the beginning stages of my company. I have been doing woodworking for many years. I am currently building a cnc router/laser with a 4'x4' working area. While in the process of that, I am working on hand built items and focusing on garden décor. Once I have the cnc table up and running, I will start working on home décor products. I will continuously be adding new products to my portfolio.  

Future Endeavors: 

In the future, I plan on working with organizations and schools for fundraising for rare disorders, sports teams and extra curricular activities to benefit them and my business. 30% of sales will be distributed to the organization/holder. 

Once I have proper inventory, I will become mobile and vend at fairs and events in the Midwest, USA.


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